Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

14 June 2019

PDM Decided to Retreat from Power through Resignation of the Government

PDM Decided to Retreat from Power through Resignation of the Government

Today, during the meeting of the National Political Council, under conditions of lack of openness to dialogue from parliamentary parties and given the need to unblock the crisis that the country is going through, Democratic Party of Moldova decided to retreat from power by having the Government resign.

PDM's deputy chairman Vlad Cebotari stated after the meeting of NPC that today's decision has political effect. It will partly solve the problem of political blockade and will be a clear signal that PDM is not clinging to power. However, PDM believes that today's decision will not solve the problem of legal and institutional blockade of the country anyhow. "Under these conditions, the task to take government over legitimately must be solved by the PSRM-ACUM binomial, created by Igor Dodon and the so-called pro-European parties, a very interesting and suggestive name given by the president of Russian Federation, who welcomed the formation of this binomial", stated Vlad Cebotari.

PDM's deputy chairman reminded that democrats wanted to make decisions to allow government to be taken over legitimately, however, because of the refusal of dialogue, a compromise, which would have solved the whole crisis that the country is going through, could not be reached. At the same time, Vlad Cebotari underscored that regardless of the solutions identified further, as long as there are effective decisions of the Constitutional Court, the Government that will install will function illegally and the officials from the institutions will not be able to execute the decisions of such a Government legitimately and will be facing legal risks. "This is the reason why ultimately we are going to have snap elections, the only way to fully and legitimately solve the crisis in which PSRM-ACUM binomial pushed the country", PDM's deputy chairman also said.

Vlad Cebotari reiterated that PDM remains open to dialogue and is ready to seek together with the parliamentary parties the best solutions to have a legitimate Parliament and Government.

Deputy chairman of the democrats also addressed PDM's supporters. He thanked them for the demonstrated support and solidarity, for the fact that they took the party to the highest political level in its history. "PDM is entering a new stage. It will do active politics and will promote the interest of citizens of the Republic of Moldova and of the Republic of Moldova itself. The party will fight those who are trying to federalize the country and sell it in pieces. The most important thing, however, is that it will continue to fight to make the promises made during the electoral campaign a reality, because these are commitments to make people's life better", pointed out Vlad Cebotari in his message to the PDM's supporters.

PDM's deputy chairman also called those who support the party to stay calm and show restraint to avoid escalation of the situation and getting to violence. "We promise, however, that PDM, using the instruments available to it, will bring stability back into the country. We will very soon give our supporters new reasons to be proud of our political team and of the way in which we act to assist and protect our country.  At the same time, as always, PDM will support every member of the team or supporter, should there be any pressure or abuse against him or her, of any kind. We stay a united and solidary team, as everyone knows us, ready to work efficiently in support of Moldovan citizens", PDM's deputy chairman reassured.