Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

07 December 2018

PDM appeals to all political parties to stop actions that compromise electoral process 

PDM appeals to all political parties to stop actions that compromise electoral process 

The Democratic Party of Moldova observes the appearance on the eve of the electoral campaign of several skirmishes regarding the violation by some parties and civic organizations of the provisions of the Law on political parties, the Electoral Code and the Broadcasting Code.

There are illegalities that can have a bad influence on the electoral process, which is why PDM has decided to officially notify the institutions responsible for organizing the elections.

We want to inform the public about the incorrect way in which some parties try to influence the outcome of the elections and discredit their conduct. We have every reason to believe that the parties committing these illegalities do so because, after the four polls recently published, understood that their support is getting smaller among citizens and is trying to prevent a failure in elections through such frauds since the pre-election period.

Here are just some examples of defiance of the law:

1. In the case of parliamentary elections, the nomination process begins 60 days before the election day and ends 30 days before election day. However, PSRM has long started this process. The head of state is also directly involved in the PSRM's political promotion.

2. Until now, the CEC has not registered any electoral bloc. However, we note that electoral campaigning has been taking place in favor of a so-called electoral bloc called "ACUM" for several months. Electoral agitation was made by representatives of the Party of Action and Solidarity, as well as those of the Political Party Platform of Dignity and Truth, but on behalf of this legally non-existent bloc. In this respect, the following electoral campaigning, carried out ahead of schedule, by the representatives of the two political parties in favor of the so-called "Now" electoral bloc: the distribution of prospectuses, calendars, the creation of the web page, etc., is registered. In this context, we also call for attention to be paid to the financing aspects of these campaigning activities. It is not clear who pays all these campaign expenses, because neither the PAS nor the DA Platform can pay for materials and expenses for actions to promote the so-called bloc NOW. However, their public actions are to promote the electoral bloc and not the legally constituted parties.

3. A number of public associations are becoming more and more involved in illegal campaigns of political promotion of potential electoral contestants, and the worst is that they are financed from external sources, which is categorically prohibited by law. We are dealing with a money-backed financing of electoral actions. All these illegal actions are to be documented and transmitted to the competent institutions.

4. The PAS and PPDA continue to go through the legislation by conducting foreign travels financed from external sources, following the pattern of serious illegalities in the scandalous Open Dialog case in the national and international investigation involving the two parties mentioned.

5. Several broadcasters distribute untrue news, including through the use of false identities in dialogue with interviewees. An example of this is the report "Employees from the post, Democratic Party's emissaries", where journalists from Jurnal TV presented themselves falsely as representatives of the Democratic Party of Mldova. This case of identity theft and manipulation has already been reported to the BCC.

They are trying, by failing to comply with the law, to create unfair electoral advantages and to influence the outcome of elections since the pre-election period.

In this context, the PDM appeals to all political parties to immediately stop these illegal practices, to go back on the path of legality and to stop taking actions to compromise the electoral process. At the same time, the PDM asks the state institutions to ensure compliance with the law, to closely monitor this illegal behavior of some organizations, to analyze them objectively and to make the necessary decisions to stop these illegal practices.

The Democratic Party of Moldova wants the parliamentary elections to be held in the best possible conditions and in a democratic spirit. To this end, a working group of lawyers and electoral experts was set up to monitor the way in which they are conducted the pre-electoral and electoral process will analyze each violation of the law and present it to the competent institutions as well as to the foreign partners interested in the elections to be held in the Republic of Moldova.