Democratic Party of Moldova


Democratic Party of Moldova

NEWS UPDATE | June 2017

This issue highlights breaking news that Moldovan authorities believe that Russian diplomats in Moldova were serving as spies to recruit fighters for Moscow-based separatists in Ukraine. Moldovan authorities expelled these diplomats last month.

This issue also features a report on the PDM's legislation to curb Russian propaganda; an interview from PDM President Vladimir Plahotniuc on Moldova's progress and the commitment to institute reforms to reduce corruption; a look at music and free expression in Moldova under the looming specter of Russia; and an interview of Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur on Moldova's engagement with the West. We hope you enjoy it!


Exclusive: Russian Diplomats Expelled From Moldova Recruited Fighters

Matthias Williams, Reuters | 06.13.17

Moldovan authorities suspect that five Russian diplomats expelled from Moldova last month were spies who were recruiting fighters for the Moscow-backed insurgency in neighboring Ukraine. Read More


Russia expels five Moldovan diplomats in tit-for-tat move

BBC | 05.31.17

Following Moldova's expulsion of five Russian diplomats for espionage, Moscow ordered five Moldovan diplomats to leave Russia. Read More


PDM to introduce legislation to curb Russian propaganda

UA Wire | 06.14.17

The Democratic Party of Moldova intends to introduce legislation in parliament to combat foreign propaganda, including Russian propaganda. Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu said that there are plans to stop broadcasting "news and political and analytical programs" produced by Russian TV channels. Read More


Young people in Moldova dance away their frustrations as a threatening Russia lurks

Glen Johnson, Los Angeles Times | 05.28.17

Russia's specter looms, but music and free expression still flourish in Moldova, especially at Spalatorie, a basement theater and alternative music venue in downtown Chisinau. Read More


PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc: All the referendums proposed by Dodon are challenges to the government

Crime Moldova | 05.24.17

In this interview, PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc speaks about the PDM’s continued commitment to reforms and efforts to eliminate corruption and Moldovan President Igor Dodon’s attempts to derail Chisinau’s progress. Read More


Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur: Pro-Moscow camp only offers short-term solutions

Lucia Yar, Euractiv | 06.06.17

In this interview, Foreign Minister Andrei Galbur discusses the EU's €335 million aid package for Moldova, the country’s political environment and Chisinau’s increased engagement with the West. Read More


Vlad Plahotniuc: PDM submits bill on combating Russian propaganda in Parliament | 06.13.17

PDM president Vlad Plahotniuc has announced that the PDM will submit legislation to curb foreign propaganda from appearing in Moldovan media, citing a need to eliminate Russian propaganda in particular. Read More


European Council endorses agreement on financial assistance

European Council | 06.15.17

EU ambassadors have endorsed an agreement reached with the European Parliament on macro-financial assistance for the Republic of Moldova. Up to €100 million is provided for in EU assistance - of this, €60 million was agreed in loans and €40 million in the form of grants. This will supplement resources provided by the IMF and other multilateral institutions. Read More


Workshop organized by OSCE Mission to Moldova strengthens co-ordination of anti-trafficking activities

OSCE | 05.18.17

The OSCE Mission to Moldova held a two-day practical workshop aimed at enhancing the coordination of the country’s anti-trafficking activities at the national and local levels. Read More


Amnesty International Criticizes Moldovan President's Anti-Gay Comments

Radio Free Europe | 05.23.17

The Moldova branch of Amnesty International criticizes President Dodon for his recent statement saying that he is “not the president” of the country’s gay community.  President Dodon's statement stands in stark contrast to the PDM's commitment to a tolerant society based on liberal principles. Read More


Moldova, Ukraine begin joint control of the Cuciurgan-Pervomaisc crossing point

Crime Moldova | 05.31.17

Joint Moldovan and Ukrainian control of the Cuciurgan-Pervomaisc border crossing point began on May 31, 2017 as part of a Moldovan-Ukrainian agreement on the joint control of persons, means of transport and goods crossing the Moldova-Ukrainian border. Read More


Air Moldova receives second A319

Russian Aviation Insider | 05.24.17

Air Moldova has added an Airbus A319 narrowbody to its fleet. The 150-seat airliner was delivered to the Moldovan flagship carrier’s base at Chisinau airport last week. Read More