Democratic Party of Moldova

Sîrbu Sergiu

Sîrbu Sergiu

Deputy President of the DPM; MP in the Republic of Moldova Parliament

He was born in Chisinau on 28 October 1980. He graduated from the Law Faculty of the State University from Moldova (SUM), the economic law specialty, and in 2013 – the European Institute of Political Studies from Strasbourg. Since 2014 he is doctoral candidate at the law faculty of the SUM.

During 2002-2009 he worked in the Apparatus of the President of the Republic of Moldova, being promoted from the position of Senior Consultant until the position of Deputy Head of the Legal Division. In 2010 he established the Public Association “Center for Legal Investigations and Protection of Human Rights” being elected as President of the respective association – he holds this position until presently.

Since 2010 he has been elected and holds the position of Member of the Republic of Moldova Parliament, member of the Legal Affairs, Appointments and Immunities Committee. In 2014 he held the position of Deputy President of the Republic of Moldova Parliament. Since 2016 he holds the position of Deputy President of the Democratic Party, being responsible for coordination of the Justice and Legislative Policies Department of the DPM.

He was awarded the Medal “Civic Merit”. He is married, one child.

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