Democratic Party of Moldova

Botnari Alexandru

Botnari Alexandru

Deputy President of the DPM, Mayor of Hânceşti city

Fulfilling his mandate as a mayor for 12 years and being elected democratically, he always has taken care of the inhabitants’ concerns, problems, and aspirations. In his position of Mayor of Hânceşti city, he ensured the implementation of serious investment projects in road infrastructure and brought water supply to people’s houses.

Thanks to his activity, new companies emerged on the economic map of the locality, many new jobs were created, and the budget of the city enjoys yearly revenue increase from private economic activity.

In June 2009, after serving as mayor of Hânceşti in two mandates as an independent candidate, he joined the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM).

Date of birth: 27 February 1969

Married, one child 

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