Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

25 September 2018

Vlad Plahotniuc announces the National Program „Good roads for Moldova 2”, by which another 2600 km of public roads will be repaired in 2019

Vlad Plahotniuc announces the National Program „Good roads for Moldova 2”, by which another 2600 km of public roads will be repaired in 2019


The Program “Good roads for Moldova” will continue in 2019 and will focus on repairing and constructing circa 2600 km of public roads in all districts across the country. Today, the Democratic Party of Moldova asked its colleagues from the Government to begin the preparations for this next phase.

After the weekly DPM meeting, the DPM chairman, Vladimir Plahotniuc stated that this decision comes as a response to numerous requests expressed by ordinary people, who highly regard the Government efforts concerning the refurbishing of public roads within various localities of the country.  

Vlad Plahotniuc has stressed that this is the first time a ruling party pays visits to its citizens and really listens to them and develops its agenda and political strategy based on the expectations of the people.  „The previous days I have traveled across the regions, where I participated in a number of events, including in a meeting with the Micleuseni village residents, from Straseni district, at the inauguration of a segment of public road which passes through the village. I found out from the discussion I had with the village residents that the people highly appreciate our work, and draw a clear distinction between the activities and efficacy demonstrated by the Democratic Party and the previous governments, which were known only to give promises, but never kept them”, Vlad Plahotniuc said.   

The DPM leader added that these assessments expressed by the citizens are backed up by statistical data. Thus, for 7 years, before the DPM came to power, less than 1000 km of public roads were constructed, which roughly equals to 140 km annually. The DPM, on the contrary, in just one year, in 2018, is finishing building 1600 km of public roads, i.e. 12 times more than the average mileage of public roads built by the previous governments combined.

Another example put forward by the DPM leader refers to the building of aqueducts and water supply. Here too, between 2009 and 2016, i.e. in the same 7-year period, 54 thousand people were branched to the water supply networks, which means roughly 7 500 people per year.  By contrast, in the last couple of years, more than 106 thousand people were linked to the water supply networks, which means that about 53 thousand people were connected each year, i.e. 7 times more than during the previous governments.

„These are record figures for all governments from the moment we gained independence onward. The figures do not lie, and these achievements and words of appreciation encourage and motivate us to scale up these projects”, Vlad Plahotniuc argued.

Within this context, he also said that DPM will soon launch the Program „Good roads for Moldova 2”, by which another 2600 km of public roads will be repaired in 2019. According to the DPM chairman, this pace will be kept in the years to come.

Concerning branching to water supply networks, the DPM aims to connect each year, beginning with the next year, at least 100 thousand people, which is two times better that the current record for the last two years.

„This goal is achievable, if you know how to manage efficiently the state’s resources, as the DPM has already proven”, the DPM leader pointed out.

During the following meetings, the DPM will consider other issues from the citizen’s list of priorities and will launch new projects, including in the field of agriculture, which is also high on citizens’ list of priorities.