Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

07 September 2019

Political Statement of the IXth extraordinary Congress of the Democratic Party of Moldova

Political Statement of the IXth extraordinary Congress of the Democratic Party of Moldova

Democratic Party of Moldova, gathered at the extraordinary congress, follows with concern recent political developments in the Republic of Moldova and strongly condemns the actions of the ACUM-PSRM governing coalition that undermine national sovereignty and independence. This government is hybrid, against nature, thought through and conceived in imported political laboratories. It is foreign to the interests of our country and incompetent. In just three months of government, they failed in all areas of activity.

European perspectives, for which we have worked since 2009, remain uncertain. In three months of their up going into power, but for triumphant statements, the society saw no actions targeting implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

In the regional context, national interests of the Republic of Moldova have been betrayed. Our neighbours, Romania and Ukraine, understand that a government led by PSRM is also a threat to their vital interests. Those who currently govern the country have turned it from a credible partner that enjoyed unprecedented support from Bucharest and Kiev into a platform of threats and dangers. 

Security Institutions and, more recently, law enforcement authorities were given up to serve foreign interests, and efficient methods of control over actions of foreign intelligence services have been annihilated.

The only vision that the ones in power have is to take revenge against opponents. Politically ordered criminal cases, direct instructions to prosecutors, professionals being dismissed to make room for party members, excessive politicizing of state institutions. All these are happening on the background of continuous worsening of people's lives as salaries are frozen, social allowances are eliminated and prices, tariffs, taxes and duties are going up.

Hypocrisy is the defining characteristics of the ACUM-PSRM government. Depolitization of institutions is done by sending party members to join National Anticorruption Centre, Constitutional Court, Central Electoral Commission and other institutions. Merit is promoted by tampering with the results of competitions or neglecting them in favour of members of the party. Professionals from state structures are replaced with relatives and political appointees. People are already becoming aware that the so-called deoligarichization is nothing but a curtain that covers the actions to capture the state. 

In this time, crucial for the destiny of the country, Democratic Party of Moldova understands that it is the only political force in opposition capable to stop direct attack of the governors against national sovereignty and regional security. We call all citizens who believe in values of the Republic of Moldova and in European ideals to be solidary with the Democratic Party to oppose the attempts of the governors to usurp the future of the coming generations.  It is together that we will be able to ensure failure of their plan to borrow the country from our children.


Chisinau, September 7, 2019