Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

17 June 2019

In opposition, strong as always!

In opposition, strong as always!

This describes briefly the spirit of the Democratic Party, a team that is strong by the quality of its people, regardless if they are in power or not.

These days, many attacks and and allegations have been launched with the purpose to demobilize our team, while in reality it became stronger and even more motivated.

The decision to give up on power and go into opposition means a new stage for PDM, one that will allow us to work more on the way we do politics, to put aside what did not work well before l, and come up with new ideas and actions.

As regards to me, I need a break. This break is not for relaxation or rest, those who know me know that I don't like to rest, and know that I cannot stay away from my team and projects. These days I am working on several plans aimed to regain peace and stability that Moldovans need.

In the mean time, I need time to make sure my family is safe, after going through rough times, including a failed attempt of my kidnap that took place last year, during a trip abroad. My children are scared, my family is terrified and it doesn't feel safe anywhere. My family needs me more than ever now and I will be with them as long as necessary to go through these times and feel safe again. It is my right to take all the actions necessary to protect my family, myself and the people who are close to me in a manner that works best for them. During this period of time, Moldova is no longer a safe place, and this is not because of the alleged criminal cases invented by my rivals, but because of some people who are willing to take over the country by force.

Until I come back home, I discussed these days with my colleagues about what is to be done to make the PDM more efficient from now on. We agreed that we will be an active opposition and will not allow Moldova to be seized by groups of interests from abroad.

Moldovans have to decide on their future and not some people from abroad, Moldova needs to stay free and independent, and not become an appendix to another country, or a place where a country would make its games and humiliate our citizens.

The decision of the Democratic Party of Moldova to withdraw from government has been taken last Tuesday, we were willing to implement it via a dialogue with the other political parties in a legal manner. We have waited until Friday, however, the parliamentary parties refused any dialogue. Under that circumstances, we had to make a decision that would not make the crisis worse.

I believe we have made the best decision given the situation, but it doe not mean that we are giving up on our aspirations or on our citizens. On the contrary, it is a decision that brings us even closer to them and we will be back in government to be able to continue the good programs that we have started. I believe it will happen soon, probably too soon and we might not even have time to reorganize our political activity to the extend we intend to.

Alternation in power is a natural process, necessary for democracy. PDM accepts and respects it. We have demonstrated that we do not hang up on power. We wish if this change would have happened in a democratic and legal manner, without creating precedents that would severely damage Moldova on the long run. We'd wish to be replaced by politicians who act independently, as PDM did, and not be puppets of foreign forces. We will have time to talk about it later, I plan to reveal many things in the following period of time. Now things are to heated up and the ration is not necessarily present.

I feel guilty in front of Moldovans who voted for me and my colleagues for not being able to prevent some of the events and the chaos they are witnessing now. I have been considering to assume this responsibility and step out from politics. But this would have meant that I would do something in a hurry, that I would disappoint those who believed in me and had hopes. If I would resign, the PDM faction would become vulnerable and the MPs would be pressed to migrate to a certain party, that would aim to create their own majority and take over Moldova.

Considering all these, I decided to stay with my team, to strengthen it and protect it, even remotely, for the period of my absence. 

I realize that I and the PDM have many rivals. We were aware of this when we have demanded in UN the foreign troops to be withdrawn from the territory of Moldova and we have achieved a historic resolution. We have been aware of the risks we took when we have adopted laws to ban the propaganda, when I refused to sign the plan on federalization of Moldova. I understand that because of that Moldova is no longer a safe place for me, but I am not the person who lives in fear, I will move forward and will keep manifesting patriotism. I will fight from wherever place for my country to be out from occupation and for Moldovans to live freely in their own country.

The fact that I don't any longer feel safe is one thing, I am just one person. The fact that moldovans experience trouble and instability, the fact that their security is under treat, that their country became so fragile in a matter of couple of days, that they watch TV and see strangers from abroad coming and establishing who with whom must ally and rule the country is horrible and dangerous for the independence of the Republic of Moldova.

The situation, however, is not completely out of control. I am certain there are enough lucid people who are ready to protect their country, including politicians with decision power in the Parliament. Those, however, who are heated up and euphoric will very soon wake up to reality and will desperately seek for help from PDM to escape the trap they have fallen into.

The message that I would like to convey to the Moldovans is that I am on barricades, I will be back soon, right after my family and I will be safe. I will keep up the hard work to ensure that the Republic of Moldova becomes again a stable country and its people live in peace.

See you soon!