Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

16 September 2019

Igor Dodon proves to politically subordinate the General Prosecutor’s Office

Igor Dodon proves to politically subordinate the General Prosecutor’s Office
The General Prosecutor’s Office is politically controlled, fact attested today by Igor Dodon, the shadow leader of PSRM and the President of the country. The society remains shocked by the fact that the actions of the prosecutors are being anticipated, through announcements by the head of the state or by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrei Nastase. The two are not hiding they hold control over the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Today, Igor Dodon announced in the Parliament that by the end of the day the General Prosecutor will come to ask for the lifting of the immunity of some MPs. That is a defiant action to the rule of law, a gross interference of politicians in the activity of law institutions and a mockery to the independence of prosecution. The chief of state or the Minister of Internal Affairs has no means to know the actions of the General Prosecutor, unless they fully control him and give him indications on what to do.

PDM condemns the political subordination of all the law institutions of the country, including the General Prosecutor’s Office. We repeatedly call the foreign embassies accredited to Chisinau and the entire international community to record the anti-democratic slippages of the PSRM-ACUM government and to interfere to release from political influence the institutions that must be independent.

The usage of the prosecution and police against political opponents of the current government compromises the general local elections of October 20. We can state that the process of falsifying the local elections is already in full fling.