Democratic Party of Moldova

Press release

04 December 2018

DPM supports Ion Chicu as Finance Minister

DPM supports Ion Chicu as Finance Minister

The Democratic Party of Moldova discussed today on weekly meeting to support the candidacy proposed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip at the head of the Ministry of Finance, the current State Secretary for State in the Ministry, Ion Chicu. He will replace former Minister Octavian Armasu, who was recently appointed Governor of the National Bank of Moldova.

In the post-sitting press briefing, the Prime Minister and the first deputy chairman of the DPM, Pavel Filip, was thankful for the work of the former Minister Octavian Armasu, while pointing out that Ion Chicu is also a professional who comes from the financial field, which will allow it to ensure the continuity of all projects and activities. The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the new nomination proposed by DPM will be accepted by the head of state.

Also, Prime Minister Pavel Filip stressed that the Ministry of Finance has an important role in the timely implementation of the unitary wage bill, so that all beneficiaries receive their wages in December.

Regarding the application of the new salary increases, the prime minister said that all necessary measures are being taken. "DPM wants everyone to benefit from these increases. At Government level, papers were prepared, money is available. Of course, a great effort is needed for accountants who need to understand the new way of calculating salaries", said Pavel Filip, who announced that more than 120 officials will go to the districts and have meetings with accountants to help them to apply the law correctly. Also, a special telephone line was created at the Ministry of Finance, where all those who will have questions about the implementation of this law, including those who will find the calculations wrong, will be able to call.

Another topic discussed today concerns the activity of the state institutions during the winter holidays. Pavel Filip mentioned that special attention will be given to the fluidization of border traffic, because of the fact that during this period there is an increased number of crossings. At the same time, policemen are to take additional measures to prevent crime and to patrol streets and neighborhoods more in order to increase the safety of citizens.

Similarly, a special activity schedule for the subdivisions of the Public Services Agency was agreed, so that all citizens who will need access to the documentation services. These subdivisions will be active without interruption, and mobile teams specially created for the holiday season will serve citizens as needed.