Democratic Party of Moldova

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19 June 2018

The Government will participate more actively in solving urgent problems in each district

The Government will participate more actively in solving urgent problems in each district

The Government will participate more actively in solving urgent problems in each district. To this end, the entire Government, headed by the Prime Minister, will operate in the territory several times a month. Such a measure was discussed at the DPM’s weekly meeting to help identify and solve these problems without delay.

The DPM Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc said at the press briefing that the Cabinet of the Ministers will visit each district on Fridays. Thus, the ministers will hold meetings with local authorities, economic operators, teachers, doctors and other categories of citizens, including in the villages. At the same time, the Government will hold a meeting focused strictly on the problems of the regions in which the visits took place.

Another topic, discussed at the meeting relating to the activities of settlements, concerns the solution of the problem of storage of household waste in Balti municipality. Vlad Plahotniuc said in this regard that he was requested by some officials from the Balti Municipality to participate personally in solving this problem that the local authorities had not yet been able to solve.

The DPM leader specified that, according to the information he received, the landfill where household waste is stored is managed by an economic operator. The Balti Municipality does not have free access to this land, leading to many conflicts, while the municipality suffocates because of the waste not discharged on time. The proposed solution, which could help the Balti City Hall overcome this crisis once and for all, was to study the possibility of expropriating the land in question from the economic operator that manages it.

„Taking into account that this landfill, even if it is managed by an economic operator from Chisinau, is located in the territory of two villages – Tambula and Bilicenii Noi, and the Mayor of Tambula, just as the Mayor of Balti, is the representative of ‚Our Party’ political party, it would be appropriate for this land to be transferred to Tambula village. Thus, we believe that there will no longer be misunderstanding and speculation. This is what the Government can do, and the Democratic Party, even through does not cooperate with the party which includes the mayors of the two settlements, believes that in such crisis situations – when citizens suffer, politics should be left aside, and the Government should support any City Hall, regardless of the political affiliation of the Mayor”, Vlad Plahotniuc said.

The DPM Chairman also said that after the transfer of this land to the Tambula Town Hall, led by their fellow party member, the local authorities of Balti will have all the conditions to solve the problem of household waste definitively.

The DPM Chairman also spoke about the implementation of the ‚Good Roads for Moldova’ National Program. He stressed that, according to a Government report, the program is being implemented considerably faster than foreseen in the established schedule.

„According to the schedule, 100 sections were to be made so far, but we have already completed 163 in number. Against this backdrop, we have asked the responsible persons to work in the same vein so that people can use the better roads as soon as possible. In terms of quality, my colleagues from the Government analyzed not only the works as part of the ‚Good Good Roads for Moldova’ program, but also the works performed separately by mayors, from other funds”, Vlad Plahotniuc said.

In this regard, the DPM leader specified that the section of the road from the Biesti commune, which was presented by some people in the media as having some quality problems, is not part of the ‚Good Good Roads for Moldova’ program, but it is a local project of the Biesti City Hall.

„Since all roads are important for people – both those of the ‚Good Good Roads for Moldova’ program and those built or rehabilitated by local authorities from other funds, we asked the Government to monitor the quality of all the roads rehabilitated. Moreover, we asked that if quality deviations are noted during the road repair works, the builders will have to repair them again, but at their own expense already”, Vlad Plahotniuc pointed out.