Democratic Party of Moldova

Press realise

07 November 2017

The ‚Prima Casa’ Project will help young people to buy houses with the support of the state

The ‚Prima Casa’ Project will help young people to buy houses with the support of the state

The state will help young people, including those from the public sector, to buy a house through the ‚Prima Casa’ program. The Democratic Party of Moldova has provided political support for this project, which comes as a solution to motivate young people to stay in Moldova.

The DPM Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc said that this issue – along with other important topics for people, such as the medical situation, the law on identity documents, the improvement of the law on public procurement and, of course, the situation in the Chisinau City Hall – was discussed in the weekly meeting of the party. Within the meeting, a number of suggestions and requests were put forward to the Government, including to make additions to the second stage of the ‚Prima Casa’ program.

In particular, a number of concrete solutions were proposed to encourage young people from certain social and professional categories, employed in the public sector, to buy these houses enjoying benefits. At the same time, Vlad Plahotniuc said that he also asked the Government to see whether the solutions can be found for the state to compensate half of the interest paid for the real estate loan. „The Government will now approve the general framework of the ‚Prima Casa’ program’, following which, additions will be made to create additional benefits for people, as soon as solutions to the additional proposals are identified”, the DPM leader emphasized.

During the press briefing, Vlad Plahotniuc also raised some comments on aberrant declarations recently made by the opponents to him and the party. With regard to the situation in the Chisinau City Hall, Vlad Plahotniuc noted that the Party of Socialists and the Liberal Party hold the majority in the Municipal Council, enabling them to control the situation as they wish. However, they prefer to stand helpless in city’s degradation. „Today, socialists and liberals can do anything they want in the Chisinau Municipal Council, including moving the City Hall building to Condrita or Colonita – they have the necessary votes. But they are complaining on TV that the Democratic Party, having only one vote in the Municipal Council, has taken the City Hall from them. Either they are helpless, while democrats with the only municipal councilor have become stronger than two parties with a majority in the Municipal Council, or they are lying as they always do”, the DPM Chairman stated. The DPM leader’s conclusion, however, is that those who hold the majority in the CMC rather fear that things will change for the better in the capital, but also that they lose control over the institution that has brought benefits to them in recent years.

Vlad Plahotniuc also reminded that the civil society and the press have for many years tried to draw attention to the corruption schemes in the Chisinau City Hall, but which have not been taken seriously enough by the institutions of the state. In this context, the DPM decided that regardless of who will manage the capital’s City Hall, a way should be found to streamline its operation and eliminate the corruption schemes that paralyze the institution.

At the same time, Vlad Plahotniuc reiterated that currently the Democratic Party has no political aspirations regarding the City Hall, but it is ready to support, through the Government, all the good projects for the Capital, for the benefit of the residents.

The Democratic leader also noted that the opponents always attacked the Democratic Party when it was strong and ignored it when it was out of Parliament, and his concern as the party’s leader would be that „the opponents „do not remain without occupation”.