Democratic Party of Moldova

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06 February 2018

The first meeting of the Democratic Party leadership held at the new headquarters

The first meeting of the Democratic Party leadership held at the new headquarters

The Political Bureau members of the Democratic Party of Moldova met today, February 6, at the first meeting held this year at the new party’s headquarters.

During this meeting, the results, the remainders and the priorities of the Parliament and Government for 2018, but also of the leadership party, were presented.

New ministers appointed by the Democratic Party were also invited at this meeting. From the very beginning their activity was expected to be focused and based on real expectations of citizens, as they are apparent from data collected on site and during periodical surveys. The activity of the Government needs to be separated from the electoral one, but to continue to have an ongoing connection with the people’s issues and needs.  

A mechanism for keeping the Government apart from the election campaign, for providing the ministers for conditions to work, not to consume their energy by being drawn into political polemics, will be created, the PDM speaker, Vitalie Gamurari stated.

In addition, the party’s strategy for the next period was presented during the meeting. This is based on bringing the Democratic Party as close as possible to citizens. It aims at implementing the best reforms for the benefit of the population of the Republic of Moldova.

PDM will have a quite clear method and will work for the benefit of the citizen, without being involved in political fights, Vitalie Gamurari stated.

The nine PDM specialty departments, made up of specialists both inside and outside the party, were also presented during the weekly meeting. Their role is to draw up the best projects for people, but also to help improve the legislative framework via proposals, ideas and draft laws to the Government and Parliament.