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17 October 2017

PDM will put an end to schools shutting down

PDM will put an end to schools shutting down

The Democratic Party of Moldova, as the leading party ofthe Moldovan Governing Coalition, announced on Tuesday, 17 October, that appropriate measures to immediately stop schools from shutting down in the Republic of Moldova will be taken. A moratorium will be initiated and, during this period,, the previous experience of optimization in each case will be thoroughly assessed and solutions that would not affect the interests of citizens and communities will be identified. The announcement was made by the PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, after the weekly meeting of the party, where one of the main subjects addresses was the situation of the educational systems and the problems caused by the shut down of schools in the country, actions promoted by those who have administered the revelant authorities in the previous Cabinet..

Vlad Plahotniuc emphasised that these actions, addressed to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, were determined by the multiple requests from citizens concerning the situation of their communities after the schools are closed. ‘After a short, but thorough evaluation of the situation, we must admit that people who warned us were right. The previousthe educational reform was based on many erroneous projections that resulted indramatic consequences for dozens and dozens of communities. Too many people suffered: many children, their parents and, of course, many teachers – some of them were out of work. Any reform and optimisation must have a human face and start from the people’s needs and social realities. Otherwise, failure becomes a possibility, PDM leader stated.

The aim  announced by the PDM leader is to identify alternative solutions, ensuring children’s psychological comfort and an efficient educational process. 

The reporting procedures for teachers  will also be simplified, keeping only the necessary ones, in order for their time to be invested in professional training and communication with students,  ‘We need to have fairly certified and assessed teachers, and opt for increasing the quality of teaching staff in educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova. But we won’t be able to benefit from an increase in the quality of teachers’ performance by burdensome and time-consuming bureaucracy’, said Vlad Plahotniuc.

The PDM leader also announced that some emergency solutions are yet to be identified in order to eliminate unfair fees for teachers, which they are paying for mandatorytraining and professional activities, but also to adjust the curriculum by urgently developing a school program more suited to pupils' psychology, in order to increase the efficiency of the educational process. ‘We have a clear overload of the school program, a totally counterproductive pressure on pupils and teachers. During the meeting, the Minister Monica Babuc presented us a first assessment, but also very good proposals on this subject, and the Democratic Party is ready to support the proposed solutions and legislative changes’, Vlad Plahotniuc argued.

Another relevant topic, discussed today during the PDM meeting, was the abuse increasingly reported by citizens, but also by the media, in connection with road traffic activities of some representatives of the Traffic Police. Therefore, Vlad Plahotniucwas outraged that in the reform process of several years ago, hundreds of policemen, whose real duties were to patrol and ensure public order, retrained themselves as police officers at their please. ‘It was found that instead of 300 traffic police officers, we currently have over one thousand and they do nothing but stop cars, in most of the cases with no reason – just to perform so-called routine controls, which actually transform into harassing people and generating corruption’, the Democratic leader declared, announcing that his party referred a request to the Government to take measures  seizing these practices.

The Government measures will ensure that police officers are no longer allowed to stop drivers unless they are breaching the law or when a special action is organized to limit drink-driving and other types of thematic actions to increase traffic safety. ‘People should not be disturbed while driving as long as they have not committed violations and the police should also focus on very firm intervention in specific cases. Those who drank alcohol or are violently driving must rapidly identified and punished. Butthe norms of the law must be observed permanently’, said Vlad Plahotniuc.

During the briefing, the PDM leader also had a message to the PAS leader, Maia Sandu, stating that he, personally, and the party he is leading, will react from now on to challenges and problems raised by  coming up with precise solutions, including repairing the mistakes committed by the former authorities in education. ‘Today is another day when we usurped the attention of our colleagues in the party meeting, so they will have new evidence to play political denunciations. But there are many things that can be done for people, even by starting from their attitude towards them’, said Vlad Plahotniuc.