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14 November 2017

DPM discussed the public administration’s preparation for the winter 

DPM discussed the public administration’s preparation for the winter 

The way in which the institutions of the state are prepared for the winter season and the possible emergencies that may arise, as well as the attitude that the DPM’s representatives should have for the speedy resolution of problems raised by the citizens, has been discussed at the weekly meeting of the Democratic Party – the formation responsible for government action.

The DPM’s spokesman Vitalie Gamurari has subsequently said in the press briefing that the heads of the institutions were asked to have a more responsible approach in managing this period so that potential situations, created by the heavy winter that is announced, affect the citizens as little as possible. 

Also, the Ministry of Internal Affairs shall come with an alternative solution to penalize the drivers who park illegally. „Not only are the drivers, but also the citizens dissatisfied. The problem is particularly acute for Chisinau, where residents are affected by illegal parking, and drivers have to wait for hours until the traffic officer arrives at the place to draw up a report and return the registration plates to drive further”, Gamurari noted. In this regard, some legislative changes may be needed, the issue being further examined by the Government and solved.

The issue of including the syntagma of Romanian language in the Constitution, which has been actively debated recently, has also been discussed at the weekly meeting. „The opinions were diverse and there is no shared vision. There are colleagues who support the introduction of the Romanian language in the Constitution, while others are against it. In his speech, the DPM’s Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc said that the language he speaks is Romanian, and no matter how everyone calls it, it is important to speak it as correctly and nicely as possible”, Vitalie Gamurari noted, stating that he was entrusted to communicate that the DPM’s decision is to make its representatives be completely free in their decision making on this issue.

Another important announcement made by the DPM’s Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc within the weekly meeting is the upcoming renewal of the Government, based on the evaluation of the ministers’ activity. According to the spokesman, the DPM’s Chairman together with the prime minister have decided that the evaluation of the ministers’ activity should be completed by mid-December. The key criterion of this evaluation is the way in which each DPM’s representative or party delegate in the state’s institutions has managed to synchronize his work agenda with the problems raised by the citizens and the degree of resolving these problems.

At the end of the briefing, Vitalie Gamurari spoke about a new manipulation campaign appeared yesterday in the press, according to which Vlad Plahotniuc is allegedly prosecuted in Romania. He emphasized that this is a blatant lie, and the DPM’s Chairman is not prosecuted in Romania. „The document presented yesterday is an in rem old investigation order, that is, the investigation of the facts and not of the person. It is referred to a criminal charge brought by the defendant Veaceslav Platon against Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc. So, if someone were to bring a criminal charge tomorrow in Romania against any of us, the investigating authorities would do the same, they would initiate the criminal investigation to see whether the denunciation is confirmed or not. Some media perceive the situation as something out of the ordinary, forgetting to mention that it is a legal procedure to verify a denunciation”, Gamurari explained.

He also said that Mr. Plahotniuc has letters from DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) and the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal dated June and August 2017, which are more recent than the document which is being manipulated, so those letters officially confirm that he is not involved in any criminal case.

As a result, the DPM’s spokesman recommended media outlets that took over this falsehood to read the document carefully and consult lawyers if they do not understand the legal procedures.