Democratic Party of Moldova


21 October 2018

Vlad Plahotniuc: The country needs the fourth path of development, the pro-Moldova path

Vlad Plahotniuc: The country needs the fourth path of development, the pro-Moldova path
 A very good day to all present here at this event today!
  I am looking at this beautiful audience in the Great National Assembly Square and understand again, better than ever, why many people say that the Democratic Party is a strong Party with an impressive team!
  We are indeed a strong party, but we are not strong because of being in power. We are strong thanks to the solidarity of our team, to our extraordinary capacity to mobilize, as well as to the fantastic energy that you are now sending in the Great National Assembly Square.
  I thank you all, who are here today, in the weekend, coming from far away, from all districts of the country. I see here colleagues from Briceni, Soroca, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Chisinau. I appreciate a lot your move to support Democratic Party, the only party that has members and supporters in all communities of Moldova.
  Dear friends, dear colleagues,
  The children that we have seen in the video that we watched together were telling us that they wish the adults worked harder for Moldova, that the country were healthier and people were kinder. A little girl told us that she wants people not to believe all the bad things that are said about our country any longer. We have all learned an extraordinary lesson of patriotism from these children, an extremely sincere generation with pure sensitivity to what is around them.
  We are together here for the sake of these children's future. Together we shall signal a very important change in the Republic of Moldova. I mean here the way in which we are building our destiny and future as country and people.
  During 27 years, Moldovan politicians have been trying to take the country on one of the three paths: one was the path to the European Union, another one was the Eurasian path, and the third one was the path of unification with Romania.
  Each of these three directions enjoyed support to a certain extent in various times, and Moldovans were always lured by the idea that their problems will be solved abroad. Moldova has waited for someone from outside the country to build its future for too long.
  We believe that now Moldovans are ready and willing to build their future with their own hands, the kind of future they want for themselves, but to do it they need politicians that would work for the country, that would provide them stability, confidence in what will follow. This is why we gathered today: to take a new path, the fourth path, a path that no one had the courage to take so far.
  It is the pro-Moldova path, for Moldova, the path that leads to Moldovans, to the solutions for specific problems of people, problems that we are all facing.
  Dear friends,
  First time we spoke about the need of a new path for Moldova two years ago, when I became the chairman of the Democratic Party. We have all decided then that we will get much closer to people's concerns and will set government priorities according to people's needs.
  Further, at the meetings that we had with the citizens, including the one we have had with many of you who are here today, we have analysed what pro-Moldova means in politics and together we have reached the same conclusions.

  "Pro-Moldova" politics means having confidence in ourselves, keeping our traditions, values, authenticity as we have a history rich in events and victories, but also dramas that marked our memory and soul.

   "Pro-Moldova" politics means being a consolidated nation, where every ethnicity enjoys respect and is valued, it also means that we all say good things about our country abroad, following the example of other nations that also went through hardships, but they loved their country too much to allow anyone tarnish it.
Dear co-nationals,
"Pro-Moldova" politics means bringing back the confidence in the potential and the future of our country!
"Pro-Moldova" politics targets consolidation of national unity, where representative of all ethnicities that live in Moldova are equal. Together we will be able to ensure progress for our common Motherland!           
  "Pro-Moldova" politics means that Moldovan villages will be as active as before. Villages will have good infrastructure, asphalt on roads and water supply. There will be many children, for whom kindergartens will be renovated and schools will open their doors again, and there will be a family doctor in every community. Villages will have jobs in workshops and in the field, and people will no longer need to go abroad. Both in country and in town, people should earn greater salaries, and we will very soon propose a good reform for that.
  "Pro-Moldova" politics means that we will continue to take over all the good things from the European life style, and thus we will bring welfare here, to Moldova, for the future of our children and for the establishment of our nation as a modern society.
  "Pro-Moldova" politics means that we will recover our national dignity and will play an active part in foreign affairs. We can no longer tolerate the status of object in geopolitics, which we were in the last decades, when everyone dictated to us what to do, where to go, who to listen to or what dreams to have. Moldova has the right to have its own vision, its own word to say in foreign relations. We have the right to have our own destiny the way we want it. This is the only way to be truly sovereign.

 I believe that from now on the pro-Moldova concept will be a national doctrine, the one we were lacking since independence. Now, we finally have it and I am glad to present it to such a large audience.
  The mission to implement this vision is very hard, but certainly not impossible. We will prove that we can move things in the right direction. We have the character and the needed capacity for that, but most importantly, we have our common will.  
  Dear friends,
  As we have seen, our children want us to work harder, to be united, to love our country and no longer say bad things about it. In other words, they want us to be pro-Moldova, to be more constructive and positive, to make order in our country just like true home owners do.
  Today, I invite you all to take the new path that leads to the heart of Moldova, to our national reconciliation, as well as to much hard work for the benefit of the country. This is why Democratic Party is pro-Moldova!
  The fourth path, the true path to our future, leads to these children, their dreams and hopes, to a beautiful future, Here, at Home, in Moldova!