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Democratic Youth

Democratic Youth

Democratic Youth
Cauia Alexandr
Responsible person: Cauia Alexandr Deputy President of the DPM; President of Democratic Youth

The Democratic Youth is the youth organization of the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM), founded on 15 May 1998 at the discretion of the party’s young generation representatives who wanted to become more actively involved in the transformations that took place in society. The Democratic Youth is carrying out its activity in accordance with the Statute of the Democratic Party of Moldova and the Regulation on Organization and Functioning of the DY of the DPM.
Since 2006, the Democratic Youth is the member of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY). The International Union of the Socialist Youth includes socialist, social-democratic and labor youth organizations in more than 100 states of the world. IUSY is a member of the Socialist International.
At the Third Congress, the Democratic Youth adopted a manifesto aiming to bring the younger generation together, regardless of native place, level of experience, social status or ethnicity, within a strengthened community.
The objectives of the Democratic Youth are:

  • Opening of the Youth Organization to senior pupils, students, young employees. To make the Democratic Youth a national-oriented organization and a pole of attraction for young people in the Republic of Moldova.
  • A new way of doing politics, through a new approach, whereby both the Youth Organization and the Democratic Party are defined as consolidated structures based on members’ integrity, fair competition and achieved performance.
  • Establishment, maintenance and strengthening of joint contacts and actions with external partners.
  • Social and political involvement of young people, with a view to ensuring a change through the modernization of society as a whole.
  • Implementation, with the country’s economic development, of youth guarantee systems, giving them access to employment and possibility of continue their studies or professional training. In this respect, the Democratic Youth supports the implementation of the 2020 European Union Strategy aimed to support education and employment of young people.
  • Support of policies and measures allowing better adapting the education system to labor market requirements.
  • Support of measures aimed at young people in great difficulty, by funding programmes for training and integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into the labour market.
  • Support of the private initiative and of an investment friendly business environment to provide young people with the initiative to develop a business, consequently to create new jobs themselves.
  • Achievement of the goals undertaken under the Governance Programme and the European Union Association Agreement.
  • Establishment of an efficient mechanism of communication with all social actors compatible with the DPM’s vision (NGOs, trade unions, etc.).
  • Support of the European integration course of the country.

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