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Democratic Women

Democratic Women

Democratic Women
Buliga Valentina
Responsible person: Buliga Valentina Deputy President of the DPM; MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
  • In order to ensure the parity representation and active participation of women in the entire political, social, economic and cultural life, the Democratic Women organization was established within the DPM on 5 June 2004. The Women Organization of the DPM carries out its activity based on its own Rules of Procedure, being politically subordinated to the DPM.
    The DPM’s Women Organization may include women who are members of the DPM. The DPM’s Democratic Women organization includes all territorial women organizations (from villages, communes, cities and municipalities).
    The DPM’s Women Organization pursues, as a matter of priority, the following objectives:

    Parity representation of women in decision-making positions.
    Drawing-up of DPM’s political proposals, addressed to women in economic, social and cultural fields;
    Implementation of analyzes on the situation of children and women in society and improvement of their status;

    Organization of preparatory actions to promote women in party’s decision-making structures and assume public responsibilities and offices.

    The DPM’s Democratic Women is cooperating with S-Kvinnir Östgötaland Sweden (women organization, affiliated to the Swedish Social Democratic Party). The goal of cooperation is to strengthen the women’s position in the party by training and promoting them in decision-making positions.

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