Democratic Party of Moldova

Commitment "PDM is pro-Moldova" National Assembly

We, the 100,000 citizens of Moldova, present at "PDM is pro-Moldova" National Assembly, united by the joint effort that we are taking to develop the country together with the current government and by the common wish to ensure a better future for the Republic of Moldova, take the following


  1. We will fully support PDM's pro-Moldova political orientation. We believe that it is the best expression of national aspirations of Moldovans and the most efficient strategic approach that a party from the Republic of Moldova may have. PDM's efforts in all areas must first and foremost consider the interests of Moldovan people.
  2. We will further support the Government of the Republic of Moldova with all forces. We welcome good results accomplished in the more than 1000 days of government, when Moldova achieved significant economic growth and substantial increase of budget revenues, and the citizens enjoyed greater salaries, pensions, and social allowances. We demand that Government further takes measures to improve people's welfare, to increase their incomes.
  3. We will further contribute to programs to modernize Moldova launched or announced during the recent year - particularly the Good Roads for Moldova Program, First Home Program, 112 Emergency Service, Program to Renovate Schools and Kindergartens, Good Water for Moldova Program, Lunch Tickets Programs, One-Stop-Shop and construction of Chisinau Arena. These programs already generate specific results, changing lives of Moldovan citizens for the better, and thus they have the potential to do so, when they are over. 
  4. We will assist PDM government in maintaining the assumed sectorial priorities - education, infrastructure and justice - demanding, at the same time, to concentrate additional resources to respond to these priorities even better. 
  5. We will further take effort to implement the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union and to preserve the Western model of Moldova's development. We are convinced that this approach is the best solution to ensure Moldovans' welfare. We call the political class to firmly advance in implementation of the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union and to fix the irreversible character of modernization of the Republic of Moldova.
  6. We will be with the party's leadership in the process of selecting party's candidates for the elections on February 24, 2019. We are convinced that PDM will propose the best candidates that will successfully compete both in uninominal constituencies and on party list.
  7. We will use all means possible to tell people about what PDM government achieved. We will do that confident that our party did its duty in government and convinced that promises fulfilled are the best guarantee that the program that we are preparing for the next four years is serious.

For this commitment to be successful, we call all Moldovans to be pro-Moldova and together with the Democratic Party.

We call all citizens of the country, regardless of their ethnicity, to help consolidate our society. Together we should forever leave aside all things that separate us and make us weaker.

Let us be united and optimistic! Let us be strong and hardworking! Let us be winners! - Pro Moldova!


Chisinau, Great National Assembly Square, October 21, 2018